Document as Binary (DBN)

A considerable amount of time is spent to create and improve formats and protocols. There are likely more then a thousand which can be classify in two groups :

Specialized formats have been made for a single purpose or application, they require some special decoding algorithm which will require more or less efforts to implement and constant work to keep up to date.

Derivated formats are based on corner-stone formats like XML or JSON. They are easy to decode with the moddern tools we have and any developer can work with them, so they have a much lower maintenance cost. But they can never be a perfect for for all needs, a simple argument could be XML size and parsing time or json lack of data types.

There has been some attempts to achieve a new corner-stone format. The current best solutions ares ProtoBuffer and FlatBuffer, and yet they have not been made to give a solution for all needs, only for simple preformated needs.

What about DBN ?

DBN is the sum of all my experience in decoding/understanding over a hundred differents formats, syntaxes and protocols.

Old encodings, brain-fucking compressions, obsolete encryptions, half binary/half text. And so on...

All formats have unique caracteristics which can be resumed in key features :

DBN is a possible solution combining all the above requirements.

Key features