Neutre language is an experimental coding model and syntax.

Unlike many modern language Neutre is not made to make you code fast and dirty. Neutre aims for long shoot projects, favors easy ready with few keywords, static types, code constraints, forced exceptions checks, and so on. Neutre is mainly for back-end libraries but can still be used as a script.



Neutre will come with a reference minimalist virtual machine using library. But those are two distinct projects.


I started programming around 2002 in C and ASM for micro-controlers, later on learned VisualBasic, PHP, JSP, JavaScript, Java while I was student. Java 1.4 solved all my needs at this time (2003) and still today I use it at work. But in the years 2009-2012 after Oracle bought Java the ecosystem started to become less friendly, many projects moved aways or died, Hudson-Jenkins, OpenOffice-LibreOffice, OpenSolaris, Glassfish, NetBeans, and so on... So I started (and still do) a wide sweep around to look for other solutions, C#, Ruby, Python, ParrotVM, R, Julia, Scala, Kotlin, C++, Fortress, D, ... Ruby, Python and D are I believe good alternatives but still they lake the robust aspect of Java.

Many languages claim rich and consice syntaxes are the best but I believe they are wrong, completely. If my 10+ years of programming have teach me something, it's that a good language is one which allows you to read and understand someone else's code in one pass.On this aspect Ruby,Python have the upper-hand and Scala,C++ the lasts.

Neutre is my own reflection on what would be a reliable language capable of replacing java. I started this work in 2014 working with ParrotVM pseudo-code to build something, and rewrote several times the syntax until end 2017 when I'm started to feel it's done right. There are still questions remaining like for concurrency and constraints but it should remain mainly the same.